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Photo Frank Dammers

Frank Dammers, Zwolle 1951 the Netherlands was employed in the computerization field as a specialist in the application of mathematical programming languages. He decided in 2002 to follow a new course in life, and took up painting. A period of experimentation followed; a search for his own voice. This led to a unique and innovatory style that bears some affinity with the work of Mondrian and Paul Klee, amongst others. It is difficult to categorize this work within the boundaries of existing styles and forms; however one could best describe Frank Dammers as a geometric abstract artist with preclusion for figurative elements. His career as an aspiring artist took off in 2005 when he started his website visited by thousands of art lovers each and every week, am impressive and unusual achievement within the art world for such a relatively ‘young’ artist.
Frank Dammers Facebook has more than 5000 friends and his website attracts thousands of visitors worldwide.

The Bund Shanghai

New, March 2014:
The Bund Shanghai acryl/belgian linnen 35,4 X 63 inch.

Sky Cities

Sky Cities acryl / belgian linen 43,3 x 63 inch

View at Singapore

View at Singapore 2011
acryl / belgian linen - 63 X 43,3 inch

The Gate to LA

The Gate To Los Angeles 2006
acryl / cotton - 55 X 39 inch

Central Park NY

Central Park New York 2006
-acryl/cotton - 39 X 59 inch


Heavenleaves 2002 oil/
cotton 31,5 X 23,6 inch

Golden Guards
Golden Guards 2008 - acryl /
belgian linen - 39 x 31,5 inch