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photo Leonardo Nierman

Dr.Leonardo Nierman, Mexico City (1932- ) is a Latin American artist and sculptor. Often referred to as the Jackson Pollock of Latin art, his work is known for its vibrant colour. Born in Mexico City on November 1, 1932 to parents of Eastern European decent, his first artistic endeavors were in the field of music. Academically he was interested in both physical and mathematical sciences, and graduated from the National University of Mexico with a Bachelorís degree in physics and mathematics in 1951. Upon graduating, Nierman turned his attention to painting while applying his knowledge of music, physics and mathematics to his art. These traits, especially music, are readily seen throughout his work. In 1969, Nierman was awarded the prestigious Palm díOr des Beaux Arts, Monaco. He has held numerous exhibitions around the world and his works are held in many public collections including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

werk Leonardo

Flama Stainless steel


Genesis Acryl on Masonite 122 x 183 cm
Just sold by Gallery 1951

Cosmic Wind

Cosmic Wind Acryl on Masonite 90 x 122 cm
Just sold by Gallery 1951

Fuego Cosmico Acryl on Masonite 122 x 183 cm
for sale by Gallery 1951