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Photo Ruben Carrasco

Ruben Carrasco, 1976 Puebla Mexico, is living in Montreal, Canada journeyed the ways of hyperrealism, scaled a pact with the form and got to know its essence. During some time, he focused his craft in the rational reality and got acquainted with the classic Greek criteria of the form. One day, he perceived a placid retreat existing next to the form and, since then, he inhabits the abstraction of the form. Now Ruben observes other realities and through his paintings flow emotions that have not yet been named. The work of this artist installs us in a filter of visual interpretation where will and spirit softly comply and calm their enigmatic narrative and they approximate us to those sensations that same experience in dreams or deep meditations. Impressions where reason is discovered incomplete and it is the body that remembers.

werk Ruben

on Canvas


Suicidio Temporal
80 X 120 cm.

Ciclicos Pensamientos

Ciclicos Pensamientos
240 X 200 cm.

Otredad I

Otredad I 100X150 cm