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Photo kees Thijn

Prof. dr. Kees Thijn, 1933 in Emmen the Netherlands his paintings are symbolic woks of art. The spectator can fill up the meaning of the symbolic works himself. The work such as a chessman, a rusty nail of flowers, and all these items are painted directly from nature. These objects have the purpose of letting us believe that everything happened for real in Kees Thijnís paintings. They have to be painted in a very functional manner. Sometimes there is a fantasy object, but generally his art involves daily-life objects. Things are normal, but some are less normal than others. It is not the objects, which are really deformed, but the space around them is mysterious: it is fooling around with gravity, objects floating in the air, which they donít do in real life.

werk Kees

De Parel, Oil on
Masonite,60 x 90 cm


Kringloop van het leven,
Oil on Masonite 60x90 cm


De mutant, Oil on
Masonite 70x70 cm


Pater familias,Oil on
Masonite 32 x 44,5 cm