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Foto Roy Laweatz

Roy Lawaetz is the inventor/theorist of “The Modular Triangular System” which he crafted with inspirational cultural heritage roots from the Caribbean. Born in Frederiksted, St. Croix on Dec 9, 1942 he assimilated prototype formats for painting in alternative response to painting on rectangles. His mentor extra ordinaire was Victor Candell, a Hungarian American who taught at Cooper Union, New York University and the Province town Workshop. He has exhibited in more than 100 exhibitions, in countries such as Germany, Denmark, France, Brazil, Belgium, USA and the Caribbean, many of them in International Biennials and Juried exhibitions such as the 1996 Biennale de Sao Paulo which included artists such as Klee, Munch, Picasso, Goya, Warhol etc. Demonstrating that triangles in combination could mirror organic shapes in nature more emphatically than standard rectangular supports he continues to promote his artistic agenda worldwide in books, lectures and exhibitions.

Sea Flower

Name: Sea Flower
Size: H: 0,73m x W: 0,73m -
H: 29" x W: 29" Medium:
Acrylic on canvas

Ancient Days

Name: Ancient Days
Size: H: 1,57m x W: 1,50m -
H: 63" x W: 60" Medium:
Acrylic on canvas with lava sand

Horse Stable

Name:Horse Stable
Size: H: 0,41m x W: 0,45m -
H: 16" x W: 18" Medium:
Acrylic on canvas.