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Photo, Eugenia Perez del Toro

Eugenia Perez del Toro is an artist with passion in exploration;her art is a deeply personal investigation into what lies beyond the surface of a painting, in form, light and texture. This focus might be hidden or repressed in the expressions of other artistic hands.

On a more diminutive scale, Perez del Toro retains that painters and
sculptural essence of her larger works. In richly textured, luxurious brush strokes, the artist graces the viewer with altogether original and provocative presence. The pieces exude and assurance and power that believe there intimate size.

The Perez del Toro Room in Gaos College at the University of the Americas is distinguished by an outstanding permanent exhibit of some of her most important paintings and sculptures.

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread,
Oil on Canvas


Santiago apostol, acryl/
canvas 60 x 40 cm

Tiempo y simbolo

Tiempo y Simbolo, acryl/
canvas 80 x 60 cm

La fuerza del hechizo

La Fuerza del Hechizo,
acryl/canvas60 x 44 cm