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Ton Kalishoek


Ton Kalishoek (1955) is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Rotterdam, Netherland.

For nearly forty years he has been professionally occupied with projects in the fields of change- and information management.

In the 70's and 80's he has been artistically active and he has designed anything from murals to advertisements and from furniture to oil paintings, both on commission or freely. In the early 90's his focus shifted to his professional career and his family life, and his artistic activities decreased.

The year 2010 proved a new start for his creative endeavours. Since, he has been painting and also started experimenting with free standing objects.

His materials of choice are wood, finished in a coat of lacquer.

“Wave of change”.

“Wave of change”.

Material: Medite Tricoya, metal coating

Dimensions: H120cm x W50cm x D 60cm

Rhapsody in Blue by Ton Kalsihoek


Sculptor: Rhapsody in Blue, H 20 x W 20 x D 6 inch

“Melodic figures in a dynamic blue context”

Godd bless the grass


Sculptor: God bless the grass: H 22 x W 8,5 x D 6 inch

“God bless the grass, That’s gentle and low its roots they are deep
and its will is to grow”

Lyrics by Malvina Reynolds

Emerging Passion

Sculptor: Emerging Passion: H 23,5 x W 11 x D 6 inch

  “Discover, ignite, follow and live your passion”


Sculptor: Introspection: H 39,5 x W 23,5 x D 10 inch

“The only journey is the one within”.

Quote by Rainer Maria Rolke.


Sculptor: Super Bowl: H 11,8 x B 19,7 x D 3,9 inch